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#TBT numbers don’t lie… You can have a few likes on a 15 sec video wearing a wig or stealing someone else’s jokes… But what are those YouTube views like with your own thoughts?! Circa 2010, #BobOmbsAway

Upcoming shows. No “MakeEm Laugh Mondays at Grog Shop” in October, but we’re back in November! Stay tuned. www.JohnBrutonComedy.com

Early morning diner action… I just hope the place doesn’t get stuck up… Ok honey bunny? Tell that bitch chill… #PulpFiction

Salute to all the Hoppin’ Bob’s, Uncle Tom’s, Uncle Ruckus’, and Stephen’s (Sam Jackson from DJango)… This ones for you!

I’m in of the “and more” part. This Comedy Festival is going to be fucking hilarious! Shout out to @blazerramon for putting it together.

I’m about of the “and more” part. This comedy festival will be fucking awesome. Shout out to @blazerramon for putting it together.

I love stand up comedy… But @maronziovance told me to keep my day job… I still design/create dope shit.

#TBT I been committing to the bit. Terminator 2 for Halloween… Wait til you see what I do this year

NaNo NaNo… #RIP Robin Williams! Hilarious comiedian, great dramatic actor, beautiful soul. The pain is gone now. Sad to hear it got the best of you.

Come on Starbucks… Don’t make the most delicious lemonade/iced tea blends a “gay” thing. Give them the frappuccinos or something!

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