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Sunday, October 12th, 2014 at 9pm on AMC… Rick’s back!!! # WalkingDead

#repost… But deliciously awesome

I ran into @joey_zsa_zsa last night at the Pittsburgh Improv. Cleveland representers

Morning good people. Started the night off in a suit… Ended in this. Still had on the shoes though! Just got too hot under those lights. But another fun show at Make Em Laugh Mondays at Grog Shop. The next on is July 28th.

Tonight. Bring ya ass. It will be awesome and it’s free! Grog Shop. Make Em Laugh Mondays

#TBT short film, “Behind The Scenes of 72 Hour Film Fest”… Best Supporting Actor, John Bruton as That Nigga. Shout out to @djstepone @anthollins @djlarrykinglive @artofm_andrea

#TBT my brother from another… Richard Willis and me at Smoke Mountain. Iceberg and Avirex jackets. #BoutIt

I blame @abrams3 for this… You were no where to be found, I’m in the weight room solo and take a weight on the face… And I think I broke my nose… Glasses didn’t survive the blast.

Picture from the NBC Stand Up audition in Chicago at Jokes & Notes.

The big homie @nellsinn showing me how to be funny in Chicago at Jokes & Notes.

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